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the Gathering
A Dinner Series for Women Seeking Connection and Conversation

In a world filled with noise, distractions, and surface-level interactions, The Gathering offers a sanctuary for genuine connection and meaningful conversation. Picture an intimate setting, where eight remarkable women come together over a carefully curated meal to delve into topics that truly matter.

At The Gathering, we believe in the power of shared experiences to foster understanding, empathy, and growth. Each dinner is centered around a thought-provoking theme, carefully chosen to inspire deep reflection and authentic dialogue. Whether we’re exploring themes of resilience, purpose, love, or self-discovery, every conversation at The Gathering is an opportunity to connect on a profound level.

Our Dinners
are more than just a meal...

They’re an invitation to cultivate meaningful relationships and forge lasting bonds with like-minded women. From entrepreneurs to artists, activists to educators, our guests come from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, united by a shared desire for genuine connection and personal growth.

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