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Let's Embrace
the Wild Awake Journey Together!

Welcome, kindred spirit!

If you’re ready to infuse every corner of your life with authenticity and vibrancy, then you’re in the right place. Here, we believe that having your cake and savoring every bite is not just a dream – it’s a way of life. And trust me, I’m living proof!

If you’re here, I sense that you’re standing at the crossroads of transformation, fueled by an undeniable truth that resonates within. That vibrant, untamed essence of your wild spirit is ready to burst forth, ready to color your life with adventure and unbridled joy.

Imagine having a guide by your side, someone who has tread the path of transformation and knows the exhilarating leap it takes. That’s where I come in. As a hardcore mover-and-shaker, a relentless high-achiever, I’ve walked this journey myself. And if I can claim this empowering shift, I wholeheartedly believe you can too.

Together, we’ll navigate the terrain of self-discovery and empowerment,


I highly recommend Laura to professional women leaders everywhere who know there is more out there for them—

more joy, fulfillment, and happiness. YES!!”


Awaken To Your
greatest potential

Come with me on a journey to re-ignite the fire within. Together, let’s shut out the noise of everyday life so that you can explore what it means to live wild awake and embody your most bold, authentic, and aligned self, personally and professionally.

Working with me is your ticket to stepping off the hustle train and reconnecting to your most audacious self ~ finding clarity, fulfillment and your greatest potential. I’m here to guide you to unearthing your authenticity; leading you on the path to your deepest desires.

The Wild Awake experiences focus on adventure and play allowing you to break down the barriers of your “normal” and tap into the joy of living. When you work with me, you will view your life with a fresh perspective; looking through a lens of curiosity and possibility.

You’ll walk away with a spring in your step. You will have explored and discovered your way back to yourself; writing a new definition of success for yourself. Your joy will ripple outward to your family, friends, colleagues, community, and the world around them.

You’ve got what it takes to live a life by design; let me show you how.

Laura is able to connect with both the need to move forward and to pause and discern one’s deeper truths.

With her encouragement and accountability (and with a strong dose of compassion), I’ve begun to take steps to move toward more visibility and impactful action that serves my clients as well as my business.


I'm not just a coach;
I'm your partner in this exciting adventure of reclaiming your authentic self.

What you Can Expect:

Compass icon
I'll be your compass, helping you navigate the uncharted waters of transformation.
Mountain icon with flag on summit
Transformation isn't always easy, but you won't be alone. I'm here to lift you up every step of the way.
With a proven roadmap to Wild Awake living, you'll have the tools to create lasting change.
Flame icon
Together, we'll stoke the flames of your confidence, fanning the fire of your dreams into reality.
Personalized APproach
Your journey is unique. That's why our work together is tailored to your aspirations and your pace.

How we can work together:

Wild Awakening Call

Ready to take the first step to living your best life but uncertain about where to begin? Say yes to a transformative 90-minute call designed to ignite the spark to your wild awakening journey. 

Investment: $237

We will:

Identify roadblocks that have been holding you back.
Design a roadmap to your ideal life—one that aligns with your authentic self.
Learn practical techniques to incorporate mindfulness and self-care into your daily routine.
Develop actionable steps and a personalized plan to implement change immediately.
Awaken to your wild
Personal Day Retreat

Embark on an exhilarating, immersive 7-hour journey designed with meaningful conversations, dynamic activities, and transformative exercises. It’s all about unlocking your potential, gaining unparalleled clarity, conquering challenges, and making your wildest dreams a reality!

This day-long experience meets you exactly where you stand, reigniting your awareness of the boundless potential that resides within. Whether you find yourself in a state of stagnation, seeking clarity, desiring soulful strategy, or requiring a clear roadmap, our sessions are tailored to your unique needs.

Are we a match?

I’m here for the woman who is ready to take action and make real changes in her life. The woman who is ready to commit to her dreams and stop settling for less than she deserves. The woman who is ready to explore who she really is, discover what she truly wants, and desires to create a life and business of her dreams.

Let's Connect

If you're ready to dive into a life that's authentically yours, brimming with purpose and joy, let's connect. Together, we'll write the next chapter of your adventure, one that's bold, vibrant, and undeniably wild awake. Your vibrant life is just around the corner – are you ready to claim it?

Elevate your life coaching experience with a touch of equine magic!

Imagine embarking on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, guided by the gentle wisdom of our four-legged companions. By adding horses to your wild awake experience, you're opening doors to insights, connection, and transformation that words alone can't capture.
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